Important Dates and Final Deadlines!

Here is the summary from our class discussion:

  • This coming Tuesday, 11/26, you will have a rough draft of your final assignment due. Please review this handout that we discussed in class today, and please bring to class ONE HARD COPY to peer review.
  • This coming Tuesday, 11/26, we will also discuss the guidelines for your informal presentations on December 3rd and 6th, and I will discuss how you will post your final assignment online on December 10th.
  • On Tuesday, 12/3, I will provide you in class with the guidelines for our take-home final exam (that will be due on 12/20). This will also be the first day of presentations.
  • On Friday, 12/6, we will continue with presentations. I will also address any questions you have about the take-home final.
  • On Tuesday, 12/10, your final assignment is due by 12:30 PM. You must email this to me as an attachment AND post this online to our commons website.
  • On Friday, 12/13, you must submit your (OPTIONAL) rewrite of RP #1 by 11:59 PM
  • On Friday, 12/13, you must submit any missing major assignments by 11:59 PM.
  • On Friday, 12/20, you must submit your take-home final via email by 11:59 PM.

Post Assignment #5: Queerness is Burning

This post assignment is rather open-ended. In at least two fully-developed paragraphs, I would like you to reflect on a moment or scene in the film Paris is Burning that you found particularly provocative, problematic, eye-opening, or just plain interesting. What is it about this scene that caught your attention? Are you unsettled by this scene? Are you empowered? Are you confused? How do you feel about how this queer subculture is represented in this documentary? Did you find it controversial, like so many people often do? Whatever you choose to address, be sure to EXPLAIN.

Please complete your post by Thursday, 11:59 PM. Please also remember that you must read this article for class on Friday.

Reminders for Friday, 11/15

For Friday, you must read “Selling Queerness: The Curious Case of Fun Home” and complete your brief proposal.

Please follow the instructions below for your proposal:

Your proposal should include the title, creator, year of creation, and medium of your object (e.g. My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid; 1997; Memoir/Book).

This should be followed by a fully developed paragraph of at least 7 sentences that addresses the following: 1) a general description of the artifact (e.g. What does it look like? What are some of its key features? What is it about? Intended audience? Etc.) and 2) a brief discussion of how
it relates to some of the themes or ideas we have discussed in this course.

This can be emailed to me either as an attachment or pasted directly within the body of the email.

Sign Up for Cultural Artifact for Final Assignment

Dear All,

Please click HERE to sign up for your cultural artifact for your final assignment. Simply put the title of your object next to your name.

REMEMBER: Only TWO students can work on the same artifact. Therefore, if you already see two of your classmates working on an artifact that you wanted to sign up for, you, unfortunately, need to choose a different artifact.

If two students happen to be working on the same artifact, please consult each other while composing your final assignment to ensure that there is not excessive overlap between your analyses and reflections.

Optional RP #2 Deadline Extension (FUN HOME STILL DUE TOMORROW)

Dear all,

In the spirit of generosity and concern, I am providing all of you with the option to submit RP #2 on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH AT NOON. You will not be penalized for taking this extra time.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE EXTENDED TIME: Please submit your essay tomorrow! For your efforts, I will award FIVE EXTRA CREDIT POINTS to your participation score

So, to repeat, you have two options:

1) Submit RP #2 on Monday by noon–extra time, no penalty. (Note that this is the second extension I am giving you, so DO NOT submit your paper late.)

2) Submit RP #2 tomorrow by the original deadline–receive 5 extra credit points to your participation score.

I will be in my office before class tomorrow from 11:30 to 12:30 if you wish to talk to me about your essay.