Course Schedule and Assignments

Date Assignments, Due Dates, Class Activities
W1: Tues., Aug. 27 Introductions and Syllabus
What is Queer?
Fri., Aug. 30 Register for the Commons by Today!
Mourning and Melancholia” by Freud Due
W2: Tues., Sept. 3 Why Happiness? Why Now?” by Ahmed Due
Online Post Due
Introduction to Baldwin
Fri., Sept. 6 Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin, Part One, Ch. 1 Due
W3: Tues., Sept. 10 Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin , Part One, Ch. 2-3 Due
Online Post Due
Fri., Sept. 13 Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin, Part Two, Ch. 1-3 Due
W4: Tues., Sept. 17 Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin, Part Two, Ch. 4-End Due
Assign Response Paper #1
Fri., Sept. 20 The Torment of Queer Literature” Due
Online Post Due

Developing a Thesis Statement Developing an Outline
W5: Tues., Sept. 24 Submit Rough Thesis Statement Over Weekend
Outline Due (Theses and Outlines) 
Fri., Sept. 27 Rough Draft Due
Review (Peer Review Guidelines)
W6: Tues., Oct. 1 No Class
Fri., Oct. 4 Response Paper #1 Due
W7: Tues., Oct. 8 No Class
Fri., Oct. 11 Borderlands by Anzaldua, Chapters 1, 2, and 4, Due
Introduction to Racial Melancholia
W8: Tues., Oct. 15 Borderlands by Anzaldua, Chapters 5 and 7, Due
Online Post Due

Assign Response Paper #2
Fri., Oct. 18 My Brother by Kincaid, Pgs. 1-61, Due
W9: Tues., Oct. 22 My Brother by Kincaid, Pgs. 62-124, Due
Online Post Due
Fri., Oct. 25 My Brother by Kincaid, Pgs 125-End, Due
W10: Tues., Oct. 29 Outline Due

Finish Kincaid Discussion
Fri., Nov. 1  
W11: Tues., Nov 5
Rough Draft Due
Discussion of Final Project, An Archive of Queer Melancholia
Discussion of Final Project Proposal
Fri., Nov 8   Response Paper #2 Due
Fun Home by Bechdel, First Half, Due
W12: Tues., Nov. 12 Fun Home by Bechdel, Second Half, Due
Online Post Due
Fri., Nov. 15 Selling Queerness: The Curious Case of Fun Home

Some performance and marketing material:
WELCOME to Fun Home on Broadway
2015 Tony Awards Show Clip: Fun Home
Fun Home Performance Tony Awards 2015

Due Proposal for Final Project Due  
W13: Tues., Nov. 19 Paris is Burning (Film)
Fri., Nov. 22 Burning down the house: why the debate over Paris is Burning rages on Due
Online Post Due

Structuring Your Final Assignment
W14: Tues., Nov. 26 Final Project Rough Draft Due

Presentation Overview
Fri., Nov. 29 No Class
W15: Tues., Dec. 3 Presentations
Fri., Dec. 6 Presentations
W16: Tues., Dec. 10 Final Project Online Entry Due (See here for instructions on how to post online entry)
Review for Final Exam